Paryavaran Mitra programme

Paryavaran Mitra is a nationwide initiative to transform 2 crore students into Paryavran Mitra through participation in curricular and co-curricular activities and projects.

A Paryavaran Mitra student demonstrates environmental leadership qualities through positive change in behaviour and action at individual, school, family and community levels. Thus every Paryavaran Mitra student becomes a change agent for sustainability.

The first step towards achieving the goal is for the school to join the programme. The success of the programme rests upon the support and guidance of the principal/headmaster and active participation of all the teachers in taking up programme activities in the class, club and the whole school.

The Paryavaran Mitra programme synergizes several national level initiatives like the National Green Corps (NGC), Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan (SSA), National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC), and builds on partnerships at the national and international level.



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Eco-Schools is an educational programme run by the Foundation for Environmental Education for K-12, which encourages young people to engage in their environment by allowing them the opportunity to actively protect it and get international accreditation and a Green Flag. Internationally this programme is implemented in more than 60 countries. Themes: Waste, Water, Biodiversity, Healthy living, Energy and Climate Change.

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CEE is the National Operator for YRE, an environmental journalism programme of FEE Global. It is being offered in over 60 countries. It includes an orientation, skill development workshops in the area of journalistic writing, photography and videos and hand holding support wherever required. National winning entries of YRE are entered into the international competition for both the Litterless Campaign and on the theme of SDG.

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‘CEE ka Bioscope’, is a fun-filled learning programme for school students. With focus on the use of activities, interactive learning, discussions, field visits, nature camps and a variety of other learning techniques. The programme facilitates integration of learning outcomes and competencies in Science, Social Science and Environmental Studies for different grades.


‘Earthian Paryavaran Mitra’ is nationwide initiative to deepen the sustainability education within schools and colleges across the country. Schools have to work on themes, Water, Waste and Biodiversity. The 10 best Sustainability projects are shortlisted from school and college teams around the country.

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Empowering the school students with the knowledge, values, attitudes and skills is needed to tackle the causes and impact of climate change. To promote climate change education in India, we have a national level Climate Action Leadership Challenge. The initiative aims at working with schools through teachers who prepare young minds to become climate literate, calculate carbon footprint by becoming climate detective and are able to showcase leadership in promoting local level climate actions by becoming climate hero and inspire others in the society.

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The project aims to involve youth in India to take action and inspire their community to address the issue of Plastic and has reached out to more than 7.5 lakh youth across India. The Project is for the youth between 11-35 years of age who are invited to join and take the challenge. The campaign in partnership with MoEFCC is also involving the National Green Corps’ Eco Clubs from across India.

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