For each theme, there is an activity booklet in English and Hindi to guide teachers to take up the activities. Activities under each theme need to be taken up in two parts - Part A and Part B.

Under Part A, there are two sections of compulsory and elective activities. Part B is about connecting learning of Part A through writing a 2500 word essay.

Resource Material

Sustainability and Water

Booklet (Download)
Water Game (Download)

Sustainability and Waste

Booklet (Download)
Zero Waste Game (Download)
Card Game (Download)

Sustainability and Biodiversity

Booklet (Download)
Card Game (Download)
Field Guide (Download)

In the present Covid 19 pandemic situation, school teams could take up part B focusing on ``The Pandemic and Us". School team can choose any theme to work upon the activities of Part A. While for Part B, the school team could write essay for Part B focusing on the pandemic. See guidelines for Part B here:

The Pandemic and Us (Download)
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