Newsletter : 30 September- 15 October 2014 Vol. : 61-62   


Appreciating and acknowledging good work not only motivates the doer but also provides an opportunity to learn. With this belief, Centre for Environment Education (CEE) organized Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar (National Event) on October 14, 2014, to acknowledge the exemplar efforts in Paryavaran Mitra.


Best School

Anglo Bengali Inter College, Allahabad

Through the work done in the three themes of the programme (waste management, energy, water & sanitation) the school has addressed attitudes and behaviours of students where the emphasis was that students cultivate conservation habits themselves and then try to spread the message to others. All projects were linked to the various domains of ESD- Environment, Social, Economic and Culture. The waste management and water purity project were on actions to conserve the River Ganga with the involvement of religious leaders in activities. The impacts of the projects were quantified and also provided and plan to continue the activities for coming academic year mentioned.





F.D. High School, Maktampur, Ahmedabad

Their work covered all the Paryavaran Mitra themes. Their health project on understanding Dengue and practicing its prevention was aligned to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporations health campaign in which 400 students participated by inspecting their localities for stagnant water which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Other impacts include, students collectively saving 2061 units of energy at home, increased the green cover in their school by planting 250 trees, preserving important heritage site.




Gopal Krishna High School, Subalaya, Odisha

The school handprint has been in the Biodiversity, Energy and Waste Management themes. Increase of fish population due to the presence of olive ridley which has increased the income source of fisher folk. Two km of beach was cleaned by students and about 500 kg of garbage were collected and disposed in safe places; area was made conducive for mass nesting. 5000 plants (different species including medicinal) distributed among students and local villagers; out of these 90% successfully grown




Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, Malihabad, Lucknow. Uttar Pradesh.

Worked in 3 theme.Formation of 150kg of manure out of 300kg of organic waste, Planting of total 505 trees, flowers etc. Conserved 500 litres of water through careful mapping of wastage of water which was used to water the plants. water after washing hands and cooking, etc.

Best Student

Aishwarya.P, of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s school Hyderabad looked at ways to address air pollution due to vehicles in her immediate neighbourhood. Through a survey she tried to find out commuting patterns and their monthly expenses for commuting of her neighbours. Her awareness campaign then focussed on connecting people to carpool to reduce congestion on roads, air pollution and save money. More than ¼ of the people she surveyed have liked her idea and are sharing transport or carpooling.


Anushka Kale, Mansarovar Vidyasharini Vidyalaya, Mysore reached out to the communities near the heritage Kukkrahalli Lake in Mysore to get to know how they use the lake and their perceptions about the health of the biodiversity in the lake surroundings. She and her friends monitoring several parameters of the health of the lake and approaching decision makers with all the information to improve the quality of the lake for the sake of all the organisms dependent on the lake ecosystem like birds, fish, plants, fishermen and the general public.


Apurv Lele, Sheth Jotiprasad Vidyalaya, Daund, Maharashtra

Project: His eco-club collected used papers from notebooks of the previous academic years from student colleagues and made them into usable notebooks and distributed them again. Outcome: Unused sheets from 5000 notebooks were used thus reducing the demand for new notebooks.


Hansi Patro Phulbari Sitala High School, Sagar Islands, West Bengal.

To improve productivity of mango fruit crops and economy of the people of Phulbari, Sagar Island) and establishing a nursery of good quality mango plants by developing the skill of grafting techniques

Learnt and passed on the skill of Mango grafting. Nursery of 265 plants of local mango seeds established.






Pramod Kakade, Seth Joti Prasad Vidyalaya, Daund, Pune, Maharashtra

Focussing primarily on using festive occasions as a means to improve sensitivity towards environment, Shri Kakade, worked with children on making festival eco friendly. Along with this, he also focussed on implementing waste management and water conservation practices, in and around his school.

As an impact of his work, he could help in reduction of total amount of POPwhich goes in rivers due to idol immersion, collected over 4,800 kg Nirmalaya for composting, involved 30 Mandal involved in eco-friendly Ganesh Ustav and helped Students saving over 30,000 INR money from not buying crackers.






Dr. Ambrish Tiwari, Rajkiya Kanya Madhya Vidyalaya, Sasaram, Rohtas, Bihar

With detailed initiatives under themes of Water and Sanitation, Energy, Waste Management, Dr. Tiwari worked towards development of a Handprint School. He assessed the daily, monthly and annual water consumption. Reduced 2.5 litre consumption per head daily in school and worked towards ground water recharge with the help of boring and soakage pit









Arun Kumar Sahu, Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Balod, Chattisgarh

Shri. Sahu worked on learning and appreciating from rich cultural heritage of the place. Under his guidance , students brought out the importance of local cultural heritage spots to local officials and the community. Along with this he also worked on water and energy conservation; and waste management on his school campus, with active involvement of students.









Amit Sengupta, Govt High School, Kikruma, Nagaland

Shri Sengupta, took students beyond the textbook and helped them understand the concept of waste management by creating the compost pit, watering it and making plantations thus enhancing their organizational, leadership and identification skills.                                                       Email: