Newsletter : 16- 30 November 2013 Vol. : 45  

The Educational and Environmental Handprint of schools in Andhra Pradesh in 2013.

Paryavaran Mitra schools of Andhra Pradesh carried out a plethora of action projects in the five themes of the programme. The action projects were great opportunities used by teachers to achieve educational outcomes which conventional rote learning methods could not have achieved. Schools reported that doing action projects enhanced students’ observational, experimental and analytical skills in solving environmental problems. Students gained a better understanding of the impact of human activities on environment, and what they can do to protect and conserve the natural resources. It enhanced student’s communication and leadership skills and promoted a spirit of co-operation and team work among the students, teachers and community members. Some schools reported that some action projects brought about positive sanitation and hygiene behaviour changes among school children.

The environmental changes in the local environment that schools reported:

19,227 units of electricity saved, 29,147 sapling planted in 4121 cents area, 1,989 dripping taps were identified and repaired, 10,12,100 litres of water harvested, 1455 sanitation facilities repaired (bolts, doors, septic tank, etc.), and 283 tonnes of compost produced from biodegradable waste.

As John Dewey put it, ‘Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself’, education is in the process of doing (the teamwork, the commitment, behaviour change, leadership skills) and not only the final outcomes (plantation, water conservation, energry conservation, etc.)

Probably this is the kind of education we must all seek that not only raises awareness but empowers students to take action and see results and feel further empowered to come with creative ways of solving problems.

Is this what quality education would look like? We sure think so! Get details here here. Read the detailed report

Spreading the environmental message through art

The PCRA painting competition uses art as a medium of reflection and expression of environment. The themes were ‘Save Fuel, Yaani Save Money, The Less you Burn the More you Earn, and Use Petroleum with Care. Students were asked to reflect upon these themes in their daily lives and express their feelings by painting. The response to the competition has been encouraging with entries from allover India. In one such event in Chattisgarh more than 3000 students participated on the 14th of November. Read about it here.



Teacher orientation in Sikkim

CEE Northeast and ENVIS Centre of Forest, Wildlife and Environment Management Dept., Government of Sikkim conducted a Paryavaran Mitra teacher orientation with 80 teachers from across the state. Teachers eagerly shared experiences of action projects they have carried out in the schools. Here’s an update of the orientation programme.