Newsletter : 16- 31 May 2013 Vol. : 33

The word is out and we’re hearing from a lot of you. Hope you are having fun making your action plan as much as we’re excited about taking you on this journey of exploring, discovering, thinking and doing….

We’ve shared some ideas to help support you through this process of devising your action plan. Check them out here. Enrolment is open until 15 June 2013.






Paryavaran Mitra School Garhjan LPS of Golaghat, Assam stresses on giving its students hands on experience rather than bookish knowledge. Students in the school are encouraged in learning by doing. The school has a kitchen garden, school fishery, and a plant nursery in partnership with the community nearby. Their engagmenet with the community includes exchanging knowledge and practice, sharing responsibility for upkeep, and sharing the benefits of these resources. Get to know more about this school.


The 6 month long intensive process involving more than 1345 schools who were handheld by 25 NGOs spread out in all districts of the state. The results for competition in the state are out with 27 Paryavaran Mitra School Award, 4 consolation prizes, 6 Paryavaran Mitra Plus Awards who have sustained their efforts after the 2nd phase of the awards in 2012 and 3 Paryavaran Mitra Plus Plus who have sustained their efforts after the 1st phase of the awards. See the list here. Stay tuned for the total environmental handprint of these schools in the next newsletter.                                                    mail to :