Newsletter : 1- 15 June 2014 Vol. : 57   

This edition of the newsletter brings several initiatives in Education for Sustainable Development that your school can engage students in, in the themes of the Paryavaran Mitra programme. The outreach and enthusiasm of this network has inspired several partners to come onboard and work together to increase the reach of the programme further and also to bring depth in the content and delivery. In the water theme we have partnered with WIPRO’s Earthian programme which looks at water sustainability in the vicinity of the school. The Sustainability Education Initiative in partnership with Earthian Foundations looks at biodiversity in the local context through exploration, observation, nurture and creative expression. Speaking of creative expression, we have the ‘Create to Inspire’ project in partnership with GIZ and Nokia which inspires students to engages students in urban sustainability issues in the areas of Water, E-Waste, Energy, and Transportation.

Knowing and caring for the local context is key to sustainability and so is thinking global, remember the phrase ‘Think global, act local’. Making connections requires individuals to discuss about various issues in sustainability. The Young Masters Programme of CEE and IIIEE, Lund University, Sweden tries to create this platform for students from all over the world through the free, global web based course on sustainable development. We hope your school takes on some of these initiatives which are all designed to align with and enrich the everyday teaching learning experience in the school.


Knowing and caring for all living organisms: Sustainability Education Initiative (Class 5-8)

The campaign through plantation activities and creative expressions will help students to know about local species as well as observe and nurture them while they grow. The objective of the campaign is to inculcate a sense of appreciation among school students about diverse life forms-the biodiversity around them and to inspire and engage them in the protection of biodiversity. The 6 month long campaign for classes 5-8 has begun on May 22 and continues till National Wildlife Week in the first week of October. Your school can still be a part of the campaign from here.


Thinking systemically about water: Paryavaran Mitra Water (Class 6-8)

Here students begin with learning about water in and around the school. The activities help them trace the journey of water looking at where water comes from (looking at the local watershed), to how it is used in their school and where it goes after it is used. Students will explore these questions by doing various activities on water, analyse and document them and write an essay highlighting its interconnections to other areas of life. To get started access the resource book here.



Knowing the Global and the local, be a ‘Glocal’ citizen: Young Masters Programme (Class 7-12)

Young Masters Programme (YMP), is an online sustainable development diploma course which builds capacity of the youth to understand the social, environmental and economic inter-linkages of sustainability. The benefits to students include access to a global web platform for discussing sustainable development issue, peer learning by giving and receiving constructive feedback on assignments, to know what it feels to be a global citizen as a student of a global classroom with friends from all over the world. And ofcourse there is a diploma certificate at the end of it from Lund University, Sweden and CEE, India. For details go here.


Looking at sustainability in our lives in the city: Create to Inspire for Ahmedabad Schools. (Class 6-8)

The project covers themes in urban sustainability related to water, E-waste, energy and transportation. It engages students in looking at issues in around them in the city through project based learning and action projects. Students disseminate messages and results through creative expression for outreach in the community. If you are a school in Ahmedabad and interested go here to register, the deadline is July 15. The programme starts with a teacher workshop in second week of July.



Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar Gujarat/Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh State Level Awards

The award function for Rajasthan and Gujarat schools was organised at CEE, Ahmedabad on June 5 World Environment Day 2014. Speaking on the occassion Mr. Bharat Pathak Director, GEER Foundation about the relevance of observing World Environment Day and emphasized the crucial role of individuals in environment conservation. He also appreciated the efforts of CEE and partner organizations. Read more

The function at Andhra Pradesh was conducted on June 7 at Godavari Auditorium of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Hyderabad with the support of Department of Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh. The programme included experience sharing by schools. Ms. Usha Rani, IAS, State Project Director congratulated all the teachers for being part of the change and for motivating school children for combating climate change and work towards sustainability. Read more                                                       Email: