Newsletter : 1July-31 August 2017 Vol. : 85


‘Wipro Earthian 2017 ', Education Towards sustainability!

‘Earthian’ is nationwide initiative of wipro to deepen the sustainability education within schools and colleges across the country. Through a chosen theme, the programme aims to engage teams of students and faculties from schools in a set of activities to understand water and biodiversity in their local context and explore sustainability linkages. Paryavaran Mitra is partnering the programme to strengthen the active pedagogy in schools across the country.


‘Teacher’s Orientation Workshops’ were conducted to facilitate the teachers about the programme. Workshops were conducted in Chhattisgarh, Ahmedabad, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh & Bihar, Maharashtra, Kolkata and Tripura. 1021 teachers have been trained till date. Workshops included session on project based learning and action ideas as curricular projects that can be done within school and community. The training was facilitated via various interactive and active teaching learning including games and demonstrations. This year, Focus was given on ‘report writing’ and how to make it effective covering all activities, reflections, students learning’s and analyzing the overall experience from each activity. Training materials on both the themes of water and biodiversity were provided to the teachers for conducting the activities with the students. Working on the themes, the students will be engaged in action projects with an opportunity to learn, investigate, initiate and take action for solution of the issues. To join the programme





Towards a cleanliness culture!


An initiative of Adani Foundation and Centre for Environment Education (CEE) as the Knowledge and Implementation partner, ‘Swachhagraha’ is about promoting civic consciousness among citizens through youth leaders. Swachhagraha is a movement where each citizen will participate to bring back a culture of cleanliness, hygiene and filth free India. Swachhagraha aims to build a mass movement, where people do not tolerate dirt through a behavior change education approach.

Last year, the programme was implemented in 650 schools of Gujarat. This year the programme has been extended to 16 states. To facilitate the programme, ‘teacher’s training workshops’ were organized highlighting ‘Behavior Change Education’ approach. 1528 teachers from 1427 schools were trained through the workshops.

Materials developed:

• Facilitation Guide for Teachers

• Activity Booklet for Students

• Swachhagraha brochure


For more details and joining, visit;





The Center for Environment Education, India in partnership with the Foundation for Environmental Education (International) are organizing the Young Reporters for the Environment - India (YRE - India) Programme from April to December, 2017.

Young Reporters, aged between 11 and 21 in more than 25 countries, investigate environmental problems and issues and propose solutions through published investigative reporting, photographic and video journalism. Certificates and prizes will be awarded to the best article; photograph and video in each of the three age categories, and international workshops may also take place. Along with getting national and international recognition, the students and the winners will also be getting exciting prizes like smartphones, cameras, etc.


Students interested in participating should send their entries to on or before 10th October, 2017.


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