Newsletter : 16- 31 January 2014 Vol. : 49   

Gujarat nominations for Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar

Five schools have been shortlisted as nominations from Gujarat for the national level awards. The schools have done activities in the themes of the programme, some even interlinking the themes. Local environmental issues were taken up in the action projects with help of the Gram Panchayat which helped in water testing at a school and another school aligned their activities with the Municipal Corporation’s health drive. Almost all schools celebrated environmental days in the school and showed clear curricular linkages of the days celebrated and the action projects conducted. All the school reports brought out clear educational and environmental impacts of their projects. Read the highlights of their work here.


Environment Education Classroom teaching resource for waste management lessons.

Amit Sengupta, teacher Government High School Kikruma shared with us the lesson plans he devised for environment education in the class. The sample lesson plans on ‘sources and classification of waste’ and ‘impacts of waste accumulation’ for Class 9 are complete with steps, objectives, teaching points/content, teacher activity, pupil's activity, teaching aids and evaluation. We have added it as a resource on the ‘Resources’ tab for access and use for teachers.





Addressing vehicular congestion starting from the neighbourhood

Aishwarya, of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s school Hyderabad a contender for the Paryavaran Mitra Young Leader for Change 2013 decided to work on addressing pollution due to vehicular congestion in her immediate neighbourhood. An initial survey on understanding the issue revealed where, how and how long her neighbours commuted each day to work. She found this information useful and decided to connect people in her housing society to carpool/share transport. Her awareness campaign was thus focused on connecting people travelling to the same destination and helping them to carpool to reduce congestion on roads, save time and fuel and to get social. More than ¼ of the people she surveyed have liked her idea and are sharing transport or carpooling. Great work Aishwarya!




Environment awareness through youth mobilization

Simran Vedvyas, of Universal American School, Dubai, UAE is also a Paryavaran Mitra Young Leader for Change 2013 contender. Her work is focused on mobilizing young people to join her group ‘SynergY for environmental awareness activities which include plantation as waste landfill sites. The campaign has helped garner interest in her work and she has showcased her work at several forums. Read more about her work here.                                                       Email: