Newsletter : 16 - 31 January 2013 Vol. : 25

Clean Hands = Disease free us

The importance of handwashing was stressed at the Global Handwashing Day celebrations as part of the Water and Sanitation theme of the programme in 20 Paryavaran Mitra schools of the Rani and Rampur block of Kamrup district, Assam. 500 students and teachers took part in the event where the importance of Handwashing was stressed upon using presentations, demostration of handwashing, etc. Students and teachers later enacted a drama on sanitation and hygiene practices and took the message to the community through a rally. read here


Paryavaran Mitra clean up a water reservoir in Sikar Rajasthan

Paryavaran Mitra from seventy schools of Sikar district comprising of 206 students and 15 teachers executed the plan of revival of traditional water harvesting structure, the Bada Taalaab which was polluted by the remains from the immersion of idols and dumping of huge quantity of plastic and other organic waste like flowers, coconut, etc. The pond was freed from 50 small and big idols. Other waste collected was later handed over to rag pickers. read more


Award ceremony of the Climate Change Essay writing Competition

The award ceremony for the Eco-generation Environmental Essay Competition at Samsung Engineering India’s headquarters on January 21st 2013. Speaking at the ceremony Mr. Viney Kaushik, Vice President of Samsung Engineering India, said “We are proud of all the students for actively leading the conversation on climate change,” said Mr. Viney Kaushik. The top winners Shreya and Geetika will be invited to the 2013 Global Youth for the Environment Forum in South with more than 400 international students.” read more

Launching the Paryavaran Mitra-Young Leader for Change Film

The 8 minute film takes one through the experiences of students from across India who participated in the Young Leaders for Change initiative and emerged as agents of change in their local environment. It is a resource for teachers on project based learning on how to involve students in projects that bring about environmental, educational, and social outcomes. The film can be accessed here


Carpooling-It's super fun to share rides

‘Backseat Buddies’ aims at getting school children from one locality/building to be ‘Backseat Buddies’ and thus come to and return from school not in an individual car (which we have seen is often the case), but together with other class-mates. This, as you know would help reduce traffic congestion and pollution. It would also help in the judicious use of precious natural resources, and additionally, help children bond. Please send in your stories of carpooling to the email below. More on it here.


Wetland Day Celebrations and online quiz results

We’ve heard from CEE Delhi of the celebration of the day at Okhla Bird Sanctuary with 8 schools Paryavaran Mitra schools, a total of 500 students and 30. Read about the event here. Still others updated themselves on the theme for this years world water day and tried their hand at the Online quiz. Here are the top winners. Congratulations!


Vanrai Paryavaran Vahini

Vanrai, partner NGO of Paryavaran Mitra programme organized the annual Cultural event for Paryavaran Mitra Schools. Theme of event was Paryavaran and its conservation. Almost 50 schools participated in the celebrations with plays, dance and songs on environment depicting conservation practices. read more...                                                    mail to :