Newsletter : 1 - 15 January 2013 Vol. : 24

Little Angel Schools, Bundi, Rajasthan showcases its efforts at Eco-fair

Students of the school carried out an audit of the water use and found that approximately 5.8 Litres (5760 ml) per day was wasted by them as a result of 3 dripping taps on the campus and that the drinking water tank needs cleaning as they learnt that an unclean tank could cause diseases amongst students. The students stepped up and fixed the taps and cleaned the water tank. This is the action they carried out in just one theme, read about the actions they have done in the all the Paryavaran Mitra themes here.


Water Connects...

Paryavaran Mitra programme announces the “Water Connects”campaign. The campaign connects the World Wetlands Day (February 2), World Biological Diversity Day (May 22), and the World Environment Day (June 5) which are all connected to the theme water this year. The Water Connects Campaign page encourages all of you to participate and contribute your Hand Print-Your action towards sustainability. click here


Young Leader for Change 2012, Indulakshmi.S at the 5th Ecological Student’s Congress in Trivandrum

‘I got the opportunity to see and listen to eminent environmentalists and scientists’ gushes Indulakshmi of her experience at the 5th Ecological Student’s Congress in Trivandrum by the National Biodiversity Authority of India, hosted by the KSBB (Kerala State Biodiversity Board). Indulakshmi won the second prize for her project presentation on the topic ‘Local paddy varieties and their traditional knowledge’. She presented 100 varieties of traditional paddy seeds of her region (Kerala) which she had carried out as part of the Young Leaders for Change initiative. Read more about the event here...


Pune Bus Day

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) celebrated the Pune Bus Day on 1st November 2012, when all citizens including elected representatives, and the PMC staff travel by public transport. CEE Central team helped organize many events on increasing awareness of the importance of public transport and non-motorised transport and their role in reducing carbon emissions. Paryavaran Mitra schools in Pune showcased their activities related to transportation at the events. The effort was appreciated by the the Mayor of Pune in a written communication. read more

National Level Painting Competition 2012-Winners Announcement

The list of winners of the All India Painting Competition 2012 for School Children held in association with the Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) has been announced. 29,553 students participated in the competition organized on the stops of the Science Express Biodiversity Special, at locations near CEE offices across India and entries received from schools. Congratulations to the winners! Click here for the results.


Young Masters Programme on Sustainable Development

CEE has partnered and launched the pilot phase of the Young Masters Programme on Sustainable Development (YMP) in India. Developed by the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University, Sweden and governed by the International Young Masters Programme Foundation (ISYMP). It is a global web-based education and collaborative learning network which offers a unique learning experience by connecting youth and building understanding and cooperation about sustainability issues. To learn more about the programme click here


Opportunity to showcase action projects in the Volvo Adventure, Sweden

Paryavaran Mitra students have a chance to be selected for the Volvo Adventure competition held in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme by submitting environmental projects they have done in the local community via the online submission tool before the competition deadline on January 31st 2013. To know more about it, go here, (                                                    mail to :