Newsletter : 1 - 15 February 2013 Vol. : 26

Environmental action integrated in student’s daily lives

In this issue we share with you the well documented Paryavaran Mitra school action report of the Sri Siddhivinayaka Residential School Hattiangadi, Udupi District. The school has done action ptojects in the 5 themes of the programme which integrate well with the daily educational and social lives of the students living there. For instance the school has addressed various facets of waste management beginning with differently coloured bins on campus for segregation of waste which is then reused, or recycled by the students in innovative ways. This is just one example, many more such interesting activities are listed in their report. read here


Creative Way of Conservation

A rural school of Lucknow Primary and Upper Primary School at Hasanpur khewali, Sarojni Nagar uses paper mache from waste paper at school to make puppets for shows on environment conservation. The shows are linked with folk songs and folk music of the area. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the interesting activities that the school has encouraged its students to take up, others include activities like waste water soakage pit, and fuel efficient cooking practices for the Mid-day meal served in school. read more


Water Connects Campaign-E-Painting competition

The competition is for students from class 6 to 8 on the theme of “Water Connects”. Resources are available on the Water Connects page which will give students all the information on the World Water Day and students are encouraged to express their thoughts on the theme through their E-painting. For details visit the Water Connects page.

Wetland Day Celebrations


‘It was surprising to know from water distribution that we get more fresh water from lakes and wetlands than rivers,’ was one amongst the many interesting reactions from students at the World Wetland Day celebration at the Chandra Bhan Gupta Sikshan Avam Manav Vikas Kendra, Chandrawal, Lucknow. The objective of the event was to raise awareness about the interdependence between water and wetlands, to understand that without wetlands there will be no water and to highlight ways to take care of our wetlands. here


Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand

Over 350 students, 80 volunteers, guests and teachers from 16 schools participated in a host of activities organized in an event in the states focusing on the prime wetlands of the Himalayan states especially the High Altitude Wetlands and their role in the survival of migratory birds, spring and groundwater recharge, flood control, etc. Students then painted on their views about wetlands near them, a quiz and debate were also held on the topics. Read more about the event here.


Animal Welfare Fortnightly celebration in Rajasthan

As part of the event about 390 artificial nest, 860 bird feeders and water bath were tied in the school campus and neighboring community spaces. Students were also oriented to make nests from waste material that is easily available at home. Treatment camps on how to rescue and protect birds during kite festival were other activities carried out during the event. here.

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