Newsletter : 1- 15 August 2013 Vol. : 38              285 Schools green 10,00,000 sq. meters land

The Karnataka Hand Print

An approximate 10,00,000 sq.m area were planted by trees with 1,73,900 plants of 67 species. Approximately 8,00,000 litres of water was collected over a roof area of 1,42,472 sq. m. through rainwater harvesting. Students repaired 1036 leaking taps for saving 2,54,126 litres of water, approx 245 litres per tap! readmore...


Launched in 2007 by Centre for Environment Education (CEE) at UNESCO’s 4th International Conference on Environmental Education held at Ahmedabad, India, Handprint is the symbol of, measure for, and commitment to positive action towards sustainability.



Leadership Lessons for Young Leader for Change

Ms. Padmashree S. of Sachdeva High School Delhi presented her action project to Mr Vijay Bhatnagar, CEO ArcelorMittal India & China and got inputs on her project on setting up a waste management system in her school involving the students, teachers and the school management committee. Speaking about her experience she said, ‘I am happy to get this opportunity to present my Paryavaran Mitra Young Leader for Change action plan before a CEO. I got suggestions to improve my presentation by setting clear targets and focus on doable action plan. It was a confidence boost and a great learning experience. Stay tuned for actions done by Padmashree and other students in the Paryavaran Mitra Young Leader for Change Initiative here.

Announcing Green Teacher Diploma - 2013

The programme addresses the rapidly growing need for continuing education and professional development in the field of Environmental Education (EE), and it is geared to build capacity of teachers and educators. For details go here .








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