Newsletter : 15- 30 April 2014 Vol. : 54   

Earth Day celebrations at Ahmedabad in the Paryavaran Mitra Waste 'Create to Inspire' programme.

In a coming together of sorts, the Earth Day theme of 'Green Cities' this year focusing on transportation, water, energy and waste aligned perfectly with the themes of the 'Create to inspire' programme i.e. Energy, waste, water and transportation. The painting and performance (theatre, dance, music) competition asked students to vision a 'Green' Ahmedabad in any or all of the following themes, the photostory workshop had them thinking about how to express such issues through photography (stay tuned for the participants entries to be showcased on June 5). While students were busy with activities teachers acquainted themselves with the climate change issues and sustainability in a fun quiz on the topics. Students and teachers from more than 50 schools participated in the celebration even as they learnt a lot from the work that the 12 lead schools in the programme have already completed in the theme of E-waste (which we have covered in previous newsletters)

On the 23rd teachers from the same schools participated in a day long interaction on the programme goals and to design their plan of action for the academic year 2014. The particpatory nature of the workshop encouraged teachers to delve into the nut and bolts of doing such a programme in the school from beleiving in such initiatives to orient students to know of the issues related to topics like E-waste and sustainable transportation which are fleetingly covered in the text books to feeling empowered to take Handprint action at the students' sphere of influecence, i.e. their home, school, or community. We at CEE and the teachers involved in this initiative plan to take this discussion forum of leaning from each other in the action research mode to look at the larger questions the EE and ESD community faces in transacting complex issues relating to sustainable consumption to our stakeholders with the aim of creating environmentally responsible behaviours amongst us. read more...


Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar 2013 – Odisha State Event

The Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar 2013 – Odisha State event was organized along with a Teachers’ Orientation programme reflecting on the work done by the winning and shortlisted schools. Dignitaries from agencies like the Centre for Environmental Studies, Govt. of Odisha, Regional Museum of Natural History, and the District Science Supervisor, Khuda Dist. Appreciated the efforts of the schools and shared their experiences and ideas on Project-based learning in the local context. The platfrom turned out to be one of experience-sharing where best practices and new avenues for environmental work were shared. read more...



Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar 2013 - Bihar State event at Bettiah

The programme saw coming together of more than 150 stakeholders including students, teachers, members of civil soceity and mediapersons. Work done by the schools in the programme was shared and dignitaries from the Forest Division, Bettiah and Principal of the K.R High School interacted and emphasised the importance of such efforts promised support for this endeavour. They appreciated that Paryavaran Mitra Bihar awards for they year had a state level special category awards for individuals and organizations who have taken keen interest in implementing the programme and in encouraging schools to take positive Handprint actions. These awards were bagged by Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Paryavaran Saathi and Joint Secretary Gram Pragati, Bettiah, Dr. Rajesh Narayan Singh, Paryavaran Saathi and teacher from Rohtas and Global Environmental Organization working in Bhagalpur. read more...



Paricipate in the Green Wave programme and get to know more about your local biodiversity

Green Wave is a campaign of UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) involving tree planting celebrated worldwide on 22 May every year marking the International Day for Biological Diversity. Students and Youth groups plant their favorite local tree sapling/s sharp at 10:00 a.m local time (IST) in their premises or nearby areas worldwide, creating a green wave. They take photographs make a short write up of tree planting story and upload on CBD’s Green Wave website. An interactive map on the website will “go live” at 8:20 p.m local time, creating a second wave. Each planting activity can be located on the world map with the name of the School/group. Thus Green Wave brings the student and youth community together on the International network also putting them on the UNEP’s Planet Billion Tree Campaign. To be a part of this program, register your School/Group Name and contact details with us. For registrations Call: 080-22869094 or write to Also Visit                                                       Email: