Newsletter : 1- 30, April 2015 Vol. : 69   

Create to Inspire Awards; Earth Day 2015

This Earth day was an occasion to motivate and confer the Create to Inspire awards to schools for taking initiatives for environmental awareness generation and taking the handprint action towards environmental sustainability. The Earth Day was celebrated with high spirits at Centre for Environment Education (CEE) along with award ceremony of the Microsoft and GIZ’s ‘Create to Inspire’ programme. CEE is the implementing agency for this programme in Ahmedabad, which engages over 100 schools. here.



Join the Green Wave

Green Wave campaign is an awareness program of Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) on Biodiversity through Tree planting program celebrated on 22 May to mark the International Day for Biological Diversity. Students and youth groups plant their favorite local tree saplings at 10:00 a.m across the globe. They upload their photographs and short write up of their story on the CBD’s Green Wave website. An interactive map on this website will “go live” at 20:20, which then creates a 2 waves one at 10 am and other at 20.20 pm. Thus Green Wave brings the student and youth community together on the International network also putting them on the UNEP’s Planet Billion Tree Campaign.

Green Wave is a campaign of UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) involving tree planting celebrated worldwide on 22 May every year marking the International Day for Biological Diversity. Students and Youth groups plant their favorite local tree sapling/s sharp at 10:00 a.m local time (IST) in their premises or nearby areas worldwide, creating a green wave. They take photographs make a short write up of tree planting story and upload on CBD’s Green Wave website. An interactive map on the website will “go live” at 8:20 p.m local time, creating a second wave. Each planting activity can be located on the world map with the name of the School/group.


A Green Initiative

Thamarakudy School, Kerala has taken an initiative to prepare 10000 bamboo seedlings. Since last month the students of the school are in the preparation of seedlings and they had already planted 5000 seedlings till now. The Kulakkada panchayat is helping them in the initiative. read more...


Earth Day 2015

To mark the earth day, principals/teachers of various schools had taken their commitment and shared the initiatives and the themes on which they will be working in the coming academic year.

Themes of commitment: “Generating Less Waste and Consuming Judiciously.” to preserve rain water and make ways to increase the ground water level, recycling, spreading awareness about waste segregation and waste management, using car-pools, judicious use of limited natural resources, saying no to plastic or polythene bags, school’s initiative to beach cleaning drives, etc.

Following are our three winner with maximum likes on their videos.

1. GHS Dasgrain School, Punjab

2. Gwalior Glory School, Madhya Pradesh

3 .MPUPS, Regalla,Telangana


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