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World Wetland Day Online Quiz Top 10

  • Jatin Garg
  • Dharmendra Kapri
  • Aditi Gautam
  • Faisal Khan
  • Ritesh Arya
  • Navdeep Kaur
  • Brijesh Sharma
  • Rajan Goyal
  • Maiserkhana
  • Bathinda
  • Kehkashan Basu

World Wetland Day accross the Country


Winners: E Painting Competition

  • Janahvi Sinha
  • Aneesh Aggarwal
  • Deepanshu
  • Shubhangi Sharma
  • Apeksha
  • Snigdha Ranjan
  • Samiksha
  • Vikash Dubey
  • Disha Bidani
  • Lakshya Bhankar

The themes of both environmental days this year makes us think of the connection between water management and cooperation and encourages us to take cues from success stories of cooperation and successful wetland management for finding local solutions to these issues.

World Wetlands Day 2013 - Wetlands Take Care of Water.

The key objective of World Wetland Day 2013 is to raise people’s awareness of the interdependence between water and wetlands, to highlight ways to ensure the equitable sharing of water between different stakeholder groups to understand that without wetlands there will be no water. (RAMSAR)

World Water Day 2013 - Water Cooperation

The objective of world water day 2013 is to increase awareness regarding water cooperation and challenges regarding water management. It will also highlight the history of successful water cooperation initiatives.

The Paryavaran Mitra Programme this year is organizing campaign from February 2, 2013 to March 22, 2013.

Online Quiz

•    World Wetland Day from 29th Jan to 2nd Feb 2013
•    World Water Day 2013 from 21st to 23rd March 2013


E-painting competition

The competition is for students from class 6 to 8 on the theme of “Water Connects”.



  • The painting should be on theme “Water Connects”.
  • Before you start:
  1. Make sure you have clarified the meaning of the theme “water connects” and its difference to the mere theme of “water”. You can check the campaign website for information. You can also brainstorm on it in a group.
  2. Keep in mind that it is not only how you paint (design, colours…) which will count for the jury – it is also what you paint (your idea).
  3. It might help to make a draft and show it to friends/family and see if they can get the message you are trying to convey.
  • Be creative - avoid use of text for description in your painting (eg.     slogans…).
  • Students studying class 6 to 8 are eligible for the competition.
  • The canvas size of painting should 12 inches X 8 inches.
  • The file should be JPEG (.jpg) only.
  • The painting should be original and can be in colour or black & white.
  • Any programme like MS Paint, Paintbrush, Corel Draw, Adobe etc. can be used.
  • File name should consist of the Name of the student and school  (E.g. Anisha_stkabir.jpeg).
  • E-mail the entries to Mention the name, class, school name and school address in the email (Compulsory).
  • Last date for sending the entries – 22nd April 2013.
  •  - Prizes -
  1. Certificates to best 10 entries
  2. Camping vouchers worth Rs. 2000/- to top 5 winners

You can also take action steps as an individual or a group to make choices that would help us do our part in maintaining our wetlands and equitable distribution of our water resources between all organisms of the world (Humans and non-humans).  


Online Quiz Top 10

  • Sanjeev Metta
  • Yaman Kumar
  • Aakrisht Sharma
  • Dhruv Arya
  • Dev Rishi
  • Ruby Sud
  • Shruti Sinha
  • Harpartap Gill
  • Mohit Choudhary
  • Utkarsh Arya

 About Water Cooperation


Official Poster


Quiz Poster

Wall Poster



Infographic Poster on Water Cooperation or Competition

The Water Convention: 20 years of successful water cooperation


Books on Water Cooperation

1) Running Dry:How to conserve water indoors and outdoor.

Authors:  Addkison Roy & Sellick Douglas

2) Global Change:Enough water for all.

Authors: Jose L. Lozan ; Ed

3) Managing Water Resources:Policies, Institutions and Technologies.

Authors:Reddy, Ratna V; Ed

4) Thirsty Planet:Stratergies for sustainable water management.

Authors: Constance Elizabeth Hunt


School and student activities

Water to be celebrated all year round in DAV Pushpanjali Delhi

Ms. Monika Grover of DAV Pushpanjali, Delhi sent us this meticulously planned environmental action projects around the World Water Day 2013 theme Water Cooperation. Some highlights: Khelo Holi Naturally!, Home audit of Water Wastage, Water tap fixing workshop, Home audit of Food Wastage, etc.
Read on..


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