Last date for submission of reports: 15 December 2013


Power Count Challenge 2013 School Handprint Stories

How simple steps can help conserve energy? Power Count Challenge School Handprint

The school management and students of Him Academy Public School, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh carried out simple steps which students could practice in their daily lives to reduce electricity consumption at school. The school’s efforts has helped them save a total of 1834 units in July-August 2013 compared to the same months in 2012. readmore...






Environmental education in the integrated in everyday learning-HB Kapadia School’s case in Energy Conservation

The Energy Conservation Campaign at HB Kapadia, Memnagar, Ahmedabad  saw more than 3000 students from class1-8 participate of whom 1148 students showed a reduction in electricity consumption (258272 units) in their homes. This is ofcourse is the environmental outcome of the campaign, the education process in this case is equally interesting. The school management and teachers integrated the campaign into the normal teaching learning in the school throughout the semester and have shared how they did this in their report.




Conserving electricity in school

Rajeet Gagopadhyay of Aditya Birla School, Kesrol, Gujarat is on a mission to 10% reduction in electricity consumption in his school. He and his friends are looking at the issue from all angles. They are starting out looking for reasons for wastage and leakage followed by behavioural change amongst students, researching different energy conserving devices. He is also looking at how to sustain these efforts in the school and to make it part of the school’s ‘way of life’. Read more about his project and stay tuned for updates from him and his team. 

Student led energy conservation project in the neighbourhood.



Janhavi Singh of SETH ANANDRAM JAIPURIA SCHOOL, GHAZIABAD has gotten together with her group of colleagues (Nature Nurturers Group) to make people aware of energy conservation and giving them tips on how to conserve energy. They have conducted several meetings in their school and have identified 20 homes where they are spreading the message and will evaluate to see the impact of their awareness campaign when their bills come in at the end of the intervention period. Read more about this action project here.

Handprint of a school led Power Count Challenge in student’s homes

The energy club students of FD High School, Ahmedabad selected 30 households nearby and held workshop with them on how to conserve electricity in their homes through behaviour change and through replacement of devices. They continued their campaign and analysed their bills after 2 months to get a reduction of 2061 units in total. Read about this campaign here.  

AUP Podavoor Schools intervention at the State Electricity Board level

The success of their 2012 campaign by school and the gram panchayat has been acknowledged and taken further by the state electricity board which has decided to distribute 1270 CFL bulbs to houselholds and monitor reduction in electricity consumption. Read the letter here. 




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