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So how much water in all do you think you had this morning? A glass?, well this is right if you looked at the actual water you drank out of a glass. But what about the water you consumed through the foods you ate this morning. Not only the water contained in the foods but the water used to grow the food. Let’s look at a common breakfast you might have. ( Water and Food Security )

As we can see water is used in large amounts to grow the food, transport it and bring it to our plates. The water used for producing some foods is greater than others, food from animal sources need more water to produce as the animal needs to be fed first to get the food (meat, eggs, milk, etc.). This does not imply we stop eating food! But to be aware of what we eat. As our society shifts to diets that consume more water in the production stages and waste huge quantities of food, the scarcity of water progressively increases resulting in water shortages in many places in this country even with monsoons every year. When we waste 100 gms of rice we waste 140 litres of water used for its production and the water used for cooking.

The theme for this years World Water Day on March 22nd 2012 is Water and Food Security. The byline is ‘The world is thirsty because we are hungry’, as the poor get affected the most in this imbalance in water availability by giving up the water meant for them (and as a result their food) to agricultural fields that provide for the food demand in urban centres. It is estimated that 578 million of the 925 million people that go hungry every year belong to the Asia Pacific region where there’s a tug of war between water resources and food availability. Source: FAO

The activities and materials available on this website related to the theme this year makes us think of what we eat and our water footprint. We also have action steps one can take as a consumer to make sensible food choices that would help us do our part in maintaining food security and equity in this world.


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