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State level partnership

Paryavaran Mitra State Level Activities - Orissa

Workshop of SGP NGO partners in Orissa

Orientation and Training Program for NGC Eco-
           Club Teachers-in-charge of Nabrangpur District, Orissa

Orientation and Training Program for NGC Eco-
          Club Teachers-in-charge of Ganjam District, Orissa

Teacher Training programme held in Mayurbhanj

Report of the Training program held on 4th June

Eco Club Training in Cuttack and Phulbani

Capacity building




Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar 2013 – Odisha State Event & Teachers’ Training Programme

The Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar 2013 – Odisha State event was organized on the 3rd April 2014 at the Conference Hall of Regional Museum of Natural History (RMNH). On this occasion, a Teachers’ Training Programme was also organized for teachers of schools in and around Bhubaneswar on Environment Education and Paryavaran Mitra. Joining as the Chief Guest, Dr. Sailabala Padhi, Director of Centre for Environmental Studies (CES), Govt. of Odisha addressed the teachers on the need of linking the environmental actions at the schools to the local community to address the local environmental issues. Guest of Honor, Mr. G N Indresha, Scientist C and HO of RMNH stressed on the need of bringing behavioral changes among the students for the environmental conservation needs. Mr. Pravat Mohan Dash, Programme Officer of CES explained the new guidelines of the NGC program to the teachers and discussed about how action based activities can be done at school level. Addressing the teacher, Mr. Saroj Kumar Singh, District Science Supervisor, Khurda Dist. Mentioned about new initiatives being taken up by the DEO office to promote project based activities at the schools. Mr. Bibhu Prasad Tripathy, In Charge of CEE Odisha & Jahrkhand made a presentation on the process of Environment Education (EE) and how Paryavaran Mitra Programme links the EE to the school curriculum. He presented the achievement of the Paryavaran Mitra program and how various initiatives have been taken up by schools and students in various parts of India. A presentation was made showing the highlights of the winners of Odisha under the Best School and Best Teacher categories. More than 60 persons attended the program including 40 teachers who participated in the training programme. The event ended with the winners being provided certificates and trophies by the Chief Guest and Guest of Honor.


Addressing local-specific environmental issue of Olive Ridley Turtle conservation by schools in Odisha-Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar Odisha Nominations

Schools in Odisha have done in-depth actions in the themes of Energy conservation, waste and biodiversity all either bringing about change in the local environment but moreso working on locale-specific issues. For instance, two of the five best school nominations are schools from Ganjam, their projects addressed a very important local environmental issue of the rare Olive Ridley turtle conservation. They work focuses on cleaning and protecting nesting sites and to also sustain the work in future. Take a look at the nominations here.


Implementation Strategy Orissa

In Orissa, approximately 17,194 schools from upper primary schools (i.e., 6th & 7th Class) till secondary schools (i.e., 8th till 12th Class) have been listed by the School and Mass Education Department, Govt. of Orissa. The list excludes schools in the private sector, and non-formal schools run by village education committees and NGOs. Moreover, 180 CBSE and 73 ICSE schools are in Orissa. Paryavaran Mitra project has covered approximately 8,000 schools (7,000 NGC Eco-Club schools and 1,000 non NGC Eco-Club schools) in initial phase of the project in 30 districts of Orissa. 

The strategy undertaken for implementation of Paryavaran Mitra Project in Orissa is through partnership with Centre for Environment Studies (CES), NGC – State Nodal Agency covering 7,000 NGC Eco-Club schools and 120 Master trainers in Orissa. Approximately 1,000 Non NGC Eco-Club schools are undertaken through 30 NGO partners at district level.





 Local Resource Material
















State level partnership

A partnership agreement has been formulated between Centre for Environment Education, Orissa State Office and Centre for Environmental Studies (CES), NGC - State Nodal Agency to cover Eco-Club schools of Orissa in Paryavaran Mitra Project.

  • CES shall coordinate with District Implementation and Monitoring Committee (DIMC) / District Environment Society (DES) for providing a session slot in each orientation & training program of Eco-Clubs teachers in all districts of Orissa. Paryavaran Mitra related materials and training shall be discussed by CEE’s PM project staffs in the above program.
  • Mutual sharing of the dates and venue of the eco-club orientation and training programme was agreed.
  • Resource materials for PM project shall be made available by CEE in both English (for CBSE & ICSE) and Oriya (State Board) for various schools.
  • Mutually agreed to incorporate the ‘LOGO’ of CES, Orissa in all the trans-adapted (Oriya) PM materials for dissemination of partnership of CEE and CES, Orissa.

In Orissa, the PM project would be implemented in joint collaboration with CEE Orissa State Office and CES, NGC – State Nodal Agency in coordination with ArcelorMittal State Office with partnership of MoEF, GOI, New Delhi, ArcelorMittal, India and CEE.

Centre for Environmental Studies (CES)
Centre for Environmental Studies is an autonomous body of Forest & Environment Department, Government of Orissa established in June 2000. The major objectives of CES is to provide consultancy services for various developmental activities, to carry out various studies and survey in the field of environment, to build database on environment information of the state and to spread environment education and awareness throughout the state. CES is the Nodal Agency of the state - Orissa for National Green Corps (NGC) under which 7500 eco-clubs are functioning. CES is one of the Regional Resource Agency (RRA) for National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC) Programme of MoEF, Government of India. CES is also State ENVIS Centre on State of Environment and related issues which is being supported by the MoEF, Government of India.





Paryavaran Mitra State Level Activities - Orissa

Earth Day 2013 Celebration in Schools of Odisha

On the occasion of Earth Day 2013, CEE Odisha conducted awareness workshops at 9 schools in 7 different places of the state from 12th to 22nd April 2013 in partnership with the GEF UNDP/SGP and Paryavaran Mitra partner NGOs of CEE. During the workshops, students were shown the film on climate change: The Inconvenient Truth to provide a better idea of the impacts of climate change. Interactions were also made with students on the local issues relating to Climate Change & Biodiversity mainly and how they at their individual level can make a difference to it. How the student can lead the society towards a Low Carbon Lifestyle was also explained to them using the toolkit. The issues of Ecological and Carbon Footprint and the Handprint approach were explained to the students with interaction and relating to the local issues. At all the places, the students pledged to take action to conserve the natural resources and contribute towards the Biodiversity Conservation and mitigation of Climate Change.

The following is a list of the schools where workshops were conducted. The workshops were conducted by Mr. Bibhu Prasad Tripathy on behalf of CEE Odisha. A few photographs of the same are also attached. readmore...


Workshop of SGP NGO partners in Orissa 


A workshop of the SGP NGO partners was conducted in the CEE Eastern Regional Cell, Bhubaneswar. The various SGP partners were SHRISHTI (covering Keonjhar and Bhadrak districts), UAA (coastal districts – Ganjam, Puri and Balasore districts), USS (Cuttack districts), SSE ( Bolangir district), WOSCA (Keonjhar district) and FM Welfare Club (Puri district).

The representatives of the NGO’s were provided with an introduction to Environment Education concepts and techniques. Various initiatives taken by CEE in this aspect were also discussed. Dr. D.P.Rath, Programe Coordinator CEE East also described the National Environment Education Programme in Schools (NEEPS) with NGO Partners on which the present engagement of NGOs for Paryavaran Mitra programme was based on. Then the participants were introduced to the programme as a way to reduce the ecological footprint. Various concepts and the thematic areas were described in detail along with suggestions about activities that can be undertaken. The proposed MOU with the NGOs was held up for discussion and the programme ended with distribution of Paryavaran Mitra Oath posters and booklets.




Orientation and Training Program for NGC Eco-Club Teachers-in-charge of Nabrangpur District, Orissa

A training program for NGC teacher-in-charge of Eco-Clubs, Nabrangpur district was held in Forest Nursery, Nabrangpur on 24th August 2011. This program was organized by District Implementation and Monitoring Committee (DIMC), Nabrangpur. Forty teachers participated in the program.
Mr. Kalinga Keshari Chand, resource person from CEE East started the introduction about the Paryavaran Mitra programme by giving background of ‘Kaun banega Bharat ka Paryavarn Ambassador’. Need for action based projects at the local level to influence the global scenario were stressed on. He also emphasized that all actions should be Hand Print actions- the endeavor of the Paryavaran Mitra project. Methodologies for implementation of the programme in the respective schools were discussed with the teachers. The program was concluded with the distribution of Paryavaran Mitra booklet ‘Explore,discover,think,act’ and oath posters in Oriya to all the participants.
Following were the dignitaries present in the programme –

  1. Mr. Soleram Marandi, D.F.O., Nabrangpur Division
  2. Mr. Pravat Mohan Dash, CES
  3. Mr. Panda, ACF, Nabrangpur
  4. Mr. Kalinga Keshari Chand, CEE East
  5. Mr. P.K. Das, Master Trainer, Nabrangpur
  6. Mr. Debendra Dhankad, Master Trainer, Nabrangpur
  7. Mr. Kailash Chandra Behera, Master Trainer, Nabrangpur




Orientation and Training Program for NGC Eco-Club Teachers-in-charge of Ganjam District, Orissa 


A training program for NGC teacher-in-charge of Eco-Clubs, Ganjam district was held on 26th August 2011 in the Shaheed Laxman Nayak community hall, Behrampur, Ganjam district. Resource person from CEE, Mr. D. P Rath introduced the participants to the Paryavaran Mitra programme. He demonstrated how various activities of the programme can be done in the schools by presenting an example on biodiversity conservation. Emphasis was laid on all actions being Hand Print – the endeavor of the Paryavaran Mitra project. The programmed ended with distribution of the Paryavaran Mitra booklet ‘Explore,discover,think,act’, alongwith the oath posters in Oriya. The following dignitaries addressed the participants –
1. Mr. Ajay Jena, D.F.O., Berhampur
2. Mr. Abhinab Sahu, D.I. of schools, Berhampur
3. Mr. G.K. Padhi, Science Supervisor, Ganjam Circle
4. Mr. Prasanta Nayak, Centre for Environmental Studies
5. Dr. D.P. Rath, Regional Coordinator, CEE East
6. Mr. Gaher Abedin, Honorary Wildlife Warden, Puri
7. Mr. Mangaraj Panda, UAA, Ganjam




Teacher Training programme held in Mayurbhanj District 



In Orissa 7500 eco-club schools (250 in each District) were formed in the year 2006. The Orissa State Government has decided to add 2000 additional new eco-club schools in the year 2011. Among those there is a adding of 450 new eco-club schools in Mayurbhanj District. So that the total eco-club schools in Mayurbhanj District is counted to 700. In the month of February 2011 there was an Orientation and Training program for 250 Eco-club teacher-in-charges held at Baripada. In that program the teachers were sensitized about the Paryavaran Mitra Prgramme.

After adding the new eco-club schools in Mayurbhanj District, there were four training programs scheduled to be held in Udala, Rairangpur, Baripada & Karanjia of Mayurbhanj District on Dated 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th August 2011 respectively. These programs were organized by District Implementation and Monitoring Committee (DIMC), Mayurbhanj. In Udala the training program was postponed to Dated 21st August 2011 due to some reason, but in the other places the program was held in the said date. In these programs CEE team were invited by the DMIC, Mayurbhanj as resource person. The following is list of the participants in the training programs.



Name of the Dignitaries

No. of Master Trainers

No. of Teachers participated

9th August 2011

Town Hall, Rairangpur

  1. Mr. Bijay Kumar Panda, D.F.O., Baripada
  2. Mr. Arjun Behera, D.F.O., Rairangpur
  3. Mr. Manmohan Mohanta, D.I. of Schools, Rairangpur
  4. Mr. Prasanta Nayak, CES
  5. Dr. D.P. Rath, Regional Coordinator, CEE East

1 Master Trainer cum   District Coordinator
1 Master Trainer


10th August 2011

Saheed Smruti Bhawan, Baripada

  1. Mr. Arup Kumar Nayak, R.C.C.F, Baripada cum Field Director, Similipal
  2. Mr. Bijay Kumar Panda, D.F.O., Baripada
  3. Mr. Uday Nath Majhi, C.I. of Schools, Baripada
  4. Dr. D.P. Rath, Regional Coordinator, CEE East

1 Master Trainer cum   District Coordinator
1 Master Trainer


11th August 2011

Rani Sati Mandir, Karanjia

  1. Mr. Bijay Kumar Panda, D.F.O., Baripada
  2. Mr. Kali Kinkar Kar, D.F.O., Karanjia
  3. Mr. Uma Sankar Das, Sambad & Samaj Correspondence
  4. Mr. Kalinga Keshari Chand, Project Associate, CEE East
  5. Mr. Bishnu Charan Sahu, Head Master, Saraswati Sisu Mandir, Karanjia

1 Master Trainer cum   District Coordinator
1 Master Trainer


21st August 2011

Sanskruti Bhawan, Udala

  1. Mr. Bijay Kumar Panda, D.F.O., Baripada
  2. Mr. Pravat Mohan Dash, CES
  3. Mr. Utkal Mohanty, Coordinator,
  4. Dr. D.P. Rath, Regional Coordinator, CEE East
  5. Dr. Ramakanta Mohanta, District Coordinator cum Master Trainer

1 Master Trainer cum District Coordinator


The training program was started in a formal inauguration ceremony by the dignitaries. After the formal inauguration, the participants were trained about various aspects of eco-club i.e. how to form a group of students & conduct some classes, take up some activities, celebration of various important days related to Environment, how to maintain the cash register and account reports etc. In this program one session was earmarked CEE for sharing the information on Paryavaran Mitra Project. The CEE project team introduced the Paryavaran Mitra Project from the background of Kaun Banega Bharat ka Paryavaran Ambassador (KBPA project). Several Power Point Presentations on Paryavaran Mitra & Climate Change were made by the project team. A Paryavaran Mitra film was screened in the training program. Few activities related to Paryavaran Mitra Project & Sustainable Development were conducted. Paryavaran Mitra materials distributed among the teachers for display in their respective schools. Enrollment forms were filled up by the teachers and handed over to the CEE Project team.





Report of the Training program held on 4th June 2011


Eco-club teachers participated in the training program
Mr. L.C. Mahapatra briefing about ArcelorMittals participation in Paryavaran Mitra
Dr. D.P. Rath discussed about Paryavaran Mitra
Mr. R.K. Achari briefing about Renewable Energy

There was a training program organized for eco-club teachers on 4th June 2011 at Biju Patnaik Energy Park, Bhubaneswar under the “Paryavaran Mitra” project. Thirtynine teachers from 36 eco-club schools from all parts of Orissa who are actively involved in eco-club activities attended the training program to further strengthen their capacity to increase their teaching on environmental issues and make Paryavaran Mitra schools in their respective areas. These 39 eco-club teachers would be felicitated on 5th June 2011 i.e. World Environment Day to receive Prakruti Bandhu & Prakruti Mitra awards for their excellent work for biodiversity conservation.
Apart from CEE staff, the other resource persons were as follows:

  1. Mr. L.C. Mahapatra, G.M., ArcelorMittal
  2. Mr. R.K. Achari, Engineer, OREDA

The following are the minutes of the training program.

  • At first Dr. D.P. Rath welcomes all participants & resource persons who attended in that training program & gave a brief introduction to Paryavaran Mitra program.
  • Mr. L.C. Mahapatra gave a brief about ArcelorMittal’s participation in Paryavaran Mitra project and hope that the eco-club teachers would do the Paryavaran Mitra activities in their respective schools.
  • Dr. Rath started his discussion from the background of Kaun Banega Paryavaran Ambassador (KBPA) and explained the concept, the thematic areas and the partners of the Paryavaran Mitra project and its importance and also discussed about the need of Environmental Education in schools. He encouraged teachers to act as Paryavaran Mitra in schools and undertaking actions in five thematic areas addressing the issues of their environment and climate change for sustainable development of the society and document the impacts both in qualitative and quantitative form.
  • Mr. R.K. Achari gave a brief about Renewable Energy and its advantage and shown the all devices existing inside the Energy Park. Also guided the teacher to take some of the projects based on the renewable energy with the students.
  • Dr. Rath discussed the activities of 5 thematic areas and proposed the teachers for regular feedback.
  • All the teachers filled up the enrollment form provided by CEE.













Eco Club Training in Cuttack and Phulbani

2 Eco-Club masters training programs were organized on 30th & 31st March 2011 at Cuttack & Phulbani District respectively. Mr. Subhas Ray from Arcelor Mittal  attended the training program at Cuttack. Dr. D.P. Rath, Programme Coordinator, CEE East coordinated the training programs in both Cuttack & Phulbani.
No. of Participants & Master Trainers attended in the training programs:



No. of Eco Club teachers

No. of Master Trainers

30th March 2011




31st March 2011




Development and Production of material: The Launch poster, Oath poster and Paryavaran Mitra Booklet have been adapted in Oriya language.






Capacity building

Orissa ( 20th January 2011) - 655 teacher-in-Charge of Eco-Clubs & 30 other dignitaries,

Khurda (04th Oct 2010) - 250 teacher-in-Charge of Eco-Clubs & 10 dignitaries,

Balasore (09th Nov 2010) - 105  teacher-in-Charge of Eco-Clubs & 7 dignitaries,

Sambalpur (15th Nov 2010) - 100  teacher-in-Charge of Eco-Clubs & 8 dignitaries,

Jagatsinghpur (19th January 2011) - 200 teacher-in-Charge of Eco-Club & 5 dignitaries,

Master trainers orientation: Orientation for 14 Master Trainers of NGC Eco-Club representing Khurda (4nos.), Balasore (4nos.), Sambalpur (2 nos.) & Jagatsinghpur (4nos.) districts has been achieved.

Orientation of NGOs and others: One preliminary orientation workshop for 27 NGO partners has been completed on 28th Nov 2010 at KIIT, Bhubaneswar and achieved partnership with 30 NGOs.

Coordination meeting between CEE Orissa State Office and ArcelorMittal, Orissa State Office has completed on 7th January 2011.



State Partner

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