For the year 2018-19, The planet Pre school is offering Nursery and Junior Kindergarten classes. Senior Kindergarten will be offered from June 2019. The school proposes to have a partnership with other schools offering Grade 1 to Grade 12. This is for easy transition from Kindergarten.

For the admission to The Planet Pre school Nursery, the child should be 3 years as of June 2018 and for the admission to The Planet Pre school Junior Kindergarten, the child should be 4 years as of June 2018

We aim to make our Pre-school accessible to all through fair and clear procedure. We are committed to ensure that it is inclusive of children and families from all sections of the community through open and fair procedures. The maximum number of children in a class will be 20. We follow “first-come, first served” policy for admissions.

The admission procedure for The Planet Pre school is very simple and straight forward. You may visit our campus, collect and fill up the admission form, submit the relevant documents and pay the fees and confirm admission. The form and required information are also available on our web page ( You may write to us on or contact Ms. Priya Nair at +91 9825222525 or Ms. Meena at +91 9833255112 for any assistance.

The Planet Pre school timings are from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm. Saturdays and Sundays are holidays. The  school office timings are 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Yes, CEE offers a crèche facility which is open to all parents. It would be helpful for working parents to avail the crèche post school hours. The timings are from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm. There is an additional fee for this facility.

The Planet Pre school does not provide food to students at the school.

The Planet Pre school does not provide transportation facility to students.  

The academic session will commence from 14 June 2018.

The Planet Pre school teachers are qualified in early childhood teaching and with green teacher qualification. The teachers are trained by expert facilitators from CEE who have global experience in active learning pedagogy.

The Planet Pre school does not prescribe a uniform. Children should be dressed in comfortable clothes and dressed for the weather.

At the Planet Pre school, we follow a Pupil -Teacher Ratio (PTR) of 1:10

The Planet pre school has evolved its own curriculum. Based on our understanding of various International early childhood approaches we have tailor made our curriculum favouring our preschool philosophy and programme needs. CEE’s initiative is in collaboration with the ‘Natural Start Alliance: Promoting Early Childhood EE’ of the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE). Children learn from real life problems and utilize nature and the community to make learning as real as possible.

The Planet Pre School prepares children for regular Primary School Grade 1 of any board for any public or private school. The children will have all the competencies and developmental goals like a regular kindergarten school. The children will have all the learning of a traditional school with real life experiences to help children understand their concepts clearly and develop care and concern for the nature. Reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing for English Language development, Mathematics, Science, Environment studies, Music, Drama and Physical Education will be integrated with real life experiences and have an added goal to begin with to develop care and concern for the natural world.

The research is quite clear that the best practice in early childhood education is to break away from passive instruction and allow for more play and investigation, and this kind of learning early in life builds skills and interests that serve children throughout their school years, and later in life (

Nature is important to child’s development and nature-based preschools are powerful programmes that can promote holistic development of the child. Positioning nature at the core of curriculum can stimulate creativity, arouse curiosity, and give children a deep respect for the shared environment and world we live in ( Without direct experiences in nature, research findings suggest that children are missing opportunities to enhance their health and well-being. Studies show that lack of interaction between children and their environment results in negative health effects on young children such as “childhood obesity, asthma, vision problems, and attention deficit disorder / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and vitamin D deficiency.

Studies in the US show that schools that use nature-based experiential education support significant student gains in social studies, science, language arts, and math (American Institutes for Research, 2005). The global research has shown that an early start with nature based education leads to increased mastery of academic content, enhanced student enthusiasm for school, a happy child with fewer discipline or behavioural issues, better teamwork and problem solving skills, improved social connectivity for students and teachers and increased levels of physical activity.

CEE’s Planet Pre school set in a campus of 14 acres of wilderness provides a nature-based early learning programme that support growth across the development domains. The Planet Pre school proposes to nurture young minds with nature as their learning environment. It aims to embrace natural surroundings and discover the joy of learning. The Planet Pre School brings over 30 years of CEE’s experience as well as international experience along with local adaptability to build synergies to infuse citizenship among children making the world a better place to stay.

The Planet Pre school have a uniquely different approach to curriculum than the conventional indoor early childhood programmes which restrict the natural ability of the child to explore and discover. Here learning occurs in the context of nature and thus move early childhood programme far away from the “no nature” end of the range and closer to a full nature-based approach. Nature is put at the core of the curriculum and use nature to support both early childhood development and education. There is extensive daily outdoor time over the course of a school year and nature is also brought into the classroom through physical materials. In other words, nature is infused into all aspects of the classroom and serves as a tool to achieve learning outcomes. Above all this, we have the advantage of binding nature's natural ability to inculcate green values in child’s development in our lush green campus close to nature.

Teachers at The Planet Pre school implement high-quality early childhood practices set nature as medium of teaching and the pedagogy, emphasis on inquiry and place based learning through play and hands-on discovery. 

The concept of nature based Pre school education is new in India. Centre for Environment Education (CEE) is pioneer in Nature based schooling in the country. Improving the quality of environmental education in schools of India was one of the key mandates of CEE when it was established in 1984. Its first focus at the school level was at the middle school. In 1986 it came out with the publication “Joy of Learning” for the NCERT. This in many ways pioneered activity based learning in EE particular and education in general. The publication which got translated into 19 languages, set the trend that later got incorporated into the curriculum.

CEE’s work in the ‘90s also looked at different approaches at the Higher Education level. The effort was to connect classroom work with sustainability concepts. In 2014 CEE started work at the Primary School level. In collaboration with the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), a global network based in Copenhagen, it launched the Eco-Schools initiative. Eco-Schools is perhaps the world’s largest EE programme for schools.

CEE has implemented a number of projects with schools through a whole school and curriculum linked approach with Science Technology Education Math (STEM) as inherent concept.  Today CEE’s Paryavaran Mitra programme reaches out to over 2 lakh schools spread across India.

CEE has been a member of the North American Association of Environmental Education (NAAEE) since its inception. Outstanding American programmes like Project Wild and NatureScope have been collaborating with CEE over these years. NAAEE has also launched a special initiative for Pre-School working with some of the best Nature preschools in the USA. CEE’s initiative is in collaboration with the ‘Natural Start Alliance: Promoting Early Childhood EE’ of the NAAEE.

Ensuring safety and security of our children is the top-most priority at The Planet Pre school. The school is located in the campus of Centre for Environment Education. As a responsible preschool we have an exhaustive list on safety and security compliance measures. These measures include restricted entry into the school premises, police verification of support staff, school premises under CCTV surveillance, training to teachers on incident management and reporting, availability of fire extinguishers and first aid kit.

It is OK to have children start with us who do not speak English.  Our caring teachers are adept at making each child feel welcome and included in all activities. Children learn languages quickly, and our teachers are proficient in encouraging children to gradually begin to express themselves confidently. Main medium of instruction will be English. However, interactions will be held in Gujarati and Hindi as well.